Does K9s4COPs issue a check to the approved applicants to purchase their own K9? 

K9s4COPs does not issue a check to the applicants directly.

K9s4COPs pays the vendor directly for the K9 selected by the applicant.


Can applicants come back and apply for another K9 once they have been awarded?

Yes, as long as the application process has been followed. Please keep in mind that we have a list of applicants that have made a request and your request will be placed in the order it was received and approved.


If approved, will K9s4COPs pay for a dog I have selected from a local kennel or a local breeder? 

No, after careful research we have selected an approved kennel where we are currently purchasing our K9s.

Our goal is to provide highly trained K9s that are qualified, healthy and certified.  We strive to work with a kennel that can guarantee their dogs and will allow for returns and exchanges for our clients. 


Do you only grant K9s to established K9 Units and departments?

K9s4COPs provides K9s to established law enforcement agencies, and those interested in launching a K9 Unit. A department must be able to provide full financial responsibilities for the K9. (i.e., vet, food, equipment, etc.)


Do you pay for all travel expenses to pick up the K9? 

No, at this time we do not pay for travel expenses. Please speak with our board member during your phone interview with any travel concerns.


Is a K9 awarded to a department or to the K9 handler who submitted the application?

K9s4COPs makes its donation to the law enforcement agency itself. We do not award a K9 to an officer directly. We want to ensure the department is prepared to care for the K9, regardless of who is named as the handler.


Does K9s4COPs reimburse a department for the grant if they are able to purchase a K9 on their own?

At this time, we do not reimburse departments for the grant.


Does K9s4COPs provide training for the K9?

Currently, we offer a basic handler’s course with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, TX free of charge. If your department decides they cannot attend this course, then your department pays for the training and we have to approve the trainer you plan on attending.

For more information, email info@k9s4cops.org.