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K9 Riko

K9 Riko

At the beginning of 2018, we raised $12,000 to purchase and train a new K9 from Facebook donations!

K9 Riko recently graduated from training and is now out on the streets keeping us safe!!!


Happy Birthday K9 Tuko!


We hope you will help us celebrate K9 Tuko’s 4th Birthday by helping us raise $400 for K9s4COPs.🎉 K9 Tuko will be four on December 2nd!

K9 Tuko was donated to Officer Ryan Davis after his K9 partner, K9 Jethro, was killed in the line of duty.

“I can not express enough thanks and gratitude to the K9s4COPs and Houston K9 Academy families for their love and support. After K9 Jethro was killed in the line of duty they partnered me up with K9 Tuko. While a loved one can never be replaced, Tuko was young and raw and needed guidance much like I needed my time occupied! He has transformed from a baby to a beast! Thank you all!” -Officer Ryan Davis


K9s4COPs Roll Call


We want to welcome K9 Cezar to our K9s4COPs family! Cezar and Deputy Taylor recently graduated from training! We are thankful to have these dynamic duos on the streets protecting YOU!

K9 Riko

K9 Riko also graduated from training! We are excited and thankful to add Deputy Kerrigan and K9 Riko to our K9s4COPs family!

To help us get more paw-some K9s on the streets and in schools, please make a donation today at

#K9sGiveThanks | Deputy Russ Day & K9 Astor



“I am extremely thankful, not once, but twice to be a part of the K9s4COPs family, and have these two knuckleheads! When Jordan went down to an on-duty training injury, Mrs. Schiller and K9s4COPs never hesitated in replacing him immediately. These dogs continue to impact not only me and my family, but our whole entire community daily. Astor is why I continue the good fight! Thank You to K9s4COPs from the bottom of my heart!” #K9Astor #K9Jordan#thankfulnotoncebuttwice #happythanksgivingtoallfromKY

– Deputy Russ Day

🚨Help us get more K9s on the streets by making a donation today!

#K9sGiveThanks | Deputy Royall & K9 Violet



“I am thankful for my partner Violet. She never complains, never gripes and never quits. She faithfully and cheerfully goes to work every day. I’ve had sick days, I’ve had injury. I’ve taken Vacations. Since Violet was donated in 2016 she has never missed a day of work due to illness. She loves to work and even after long days, extra shifts or special events outside of our normal schedule she is ready to go. She has gotten better and better and makes me look like I know what I’m doing. I often tell people that I’m just a hired driver for the talent. Thank you K9s4COPs for providing me with an awesome partner and best buddy.”

-Deputy Royall

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#K9sGiveThanks | Sgt. Thomas & K9 Bello



“This is my Mobile Odor Detection K-9 Bello two years ago when got him for me and the citizens of Harris County. He was just like an overgrown baby sucking on that blanket like a pacifier. Everyday since then he has amazed me with his abilities. I am truly blessed and thankful for such an amazing partner. Bello has provided an invaluable service to Harris County thanks to

-Sgt. Thomas

🚨🐾K-9 Bello wants you to help us get another K9 ninja on the streets. Every dollar counts!