Nationwide effort seeks to protect K9s with bullet-proof vests

Like many conversations we have daily in the K9s4COPs office and social pages, more people are now discussing the safety concerns for the police K9s and how to take that extra step to keep the dynamic duo both safe out on the streets.

A bulletproof vest for a K9 can cost up to $1,000 each, causing a strain on departments since many do not have the funding within their budget to purchase them. These vests can save the lives of both our officers out on the streets and protect the K9 from numerous types of harm.

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Supreme Court ruling has curbed the use of narcotics K9s



A U.S. Supreme Court ruling is curbing the use of drug sniffing K9 dogs.


The ruling stated that law enforcement cannot bring drug-sniffing dogs onto a suspect’s property to search for evidence without first obtaining a search warrant.
That means K9s cannot be used to secure those probable cause affidavits, which lead to search warrants.
Veteran K9 Officer Chad Bailey and his dog, Rex, work in both narcotics and apprehension.
Bailey said they don’t use the dog to collect evidence to secure warrants, rather they use their dog once the search warrant is obtained.
However, evidence collected in public spaces, such as parking lots of highways can be used as probable cause to obtain search warrants.


“We use our K9s for traffic stops, sometimes we do narcotics searches on traffic stops, we also use it often on any time we track a suspect that’s committed some type of felony such as a breaking and entering and has taken off,” Bailey said.


Officials say, if, while on a call on an individual’s personal property, the K9 hits on a drugs or something suspicious, that evidence can be used to get a search warrant. Officers have to be on the property for an unrelated offense.

Bill requiring restitution for killing or harming police dog passes Indiana Senate

The Indiana Senate today passed a bill 42-7 that would require restitution from those who kill or harm police dogs.

The bill would require a court to order restitution of a person convicted of harming or killing a police dog or interfering with the actions of a law enforcement officer while the animal is assisting. Police dogs can cost more than $8,000.

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Indiana Senate could see K9 restitution bill next week

Police dogs Kilo and Magnum each were killed in the line of duty within weeks of each other last year in or near Anderson in confrontations with armed gunman.

Their handlers have testified that the people who kill these K9 officers should be held financially responsible.


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K9s Sweep the NBA All-Star Game


All Star Sweep!


All Star Sweep!


​Take a look at this video of expertly trained K9s sweeping security checkpoints for the recent NBA All-Star Game here in town. K9s4COPs has had a tremendous local impact by donating 23 K9s in the greater Houston area in the last two years.

“We take care of our own first,” says K9s4COPs executive director Liz Lara Carreno.

K9 Used in HPD Search

Officers search for newborn baby

HPD searching apartment complex for newborn

By Dale Lezon | February 13, 2013 | Updated: February 13, 2013 9:16a


  • Houston police search the area around an apartment complex on Sunnyside near Werner Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, for a newborn baby


Photo: Nick De La Torre / Houston Chronicle

Police were searching for a newborn who was reportedly wrapped in a blanket and placed around an apartment complex in north Houston early Wednesday morning.

Initial reports indicate police were searching the complex at 313 Sunnyside near Werner about 7 a.m.

Officers said a woman told them she placed the baby somewhere in the complex. However, she would not disclose the exact location.

Officials contacted the garbage collection company that handles the complex and told workers not to empty trash containers in the area until the search is complete.

It is unclear why officers were dispatched to the complex or why they spoke with the woman.

More details will be reported as the story develops.

Wine to Water

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