Happy 10th Birthday K9 Johnny Cash!


Happy 10th Birthday K9 Johnny Cash!!!🎉🐾❤️

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In honor of his birthday, we are going to to share 10 fun facts about K9 Johnny Cash!

1. Cash was K9s4COPs & K9s4KIDs first ambassador!🐾
2. K9 Cash was the first and only K9 to ring the NASDAQ bell!🛎
3. He had his own float in the Rose Bowl Parade🌹
4. He has his own Facebook page! Give him a follow👉👉👉 K9 Johnny Cash
5. K9 Cash caught a bad guy in New York!🍎
6. Cash saved a toddler from drowning in Texas
7. This handsome guy was a featured K9 celebrity for New York Fashion Week!❤️👗
8. He bit the head off of a poisonous snake that was preying on his owner🐍
9. K9 Cash has been featured on multiple national television shows such as Fox and Friends.
10. Cash LOVES his family!!!❤️❤️❤️