2014 AHA Hero Dog Awards :: Vote K9 Chiquita


Chiquita is an Explosive Detection Canine in the United States Coast Guard, she has been serving her country for 8 years and is 10 years old. She is a Belgian Malinois and was borne in Belgium. She will retire next summer having provided protection for two Presidents and First Ladies, the Vice President, the Governor of California and thousands of American’s traveling on waterborne mass transit systems around the country.

She is trained to deploy from helicopters to conduct at sea boardings on vessels entering and departing ports of the United States.  She lives at home with handler Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist Chief Anthony Ross. She is one rank higher than her handler and is the only Senior Chief Canine currently serving in the Coast Guard’s Canine Explosive Detection Program.

Entry Category: Law Enforcement Dogs
Charity Partner: K9s4COPs
Location: SAN PEDRO, California

You can vote for K9 Chiquita at http://www.herodogawards.org/vote/?nominee=84188735