Crime Stoppers has chosen K9s4COPs founder as this year’s Leon Goldstein Award recipient

K9s4COPs Founder Receives Crime Stoppers Award


K9s4COPs Founder, Kristi K Schiller, receives the Leon Goldstein Award at the Crime Stoppers Luncheon.

Crime Stoppers has chosen K9s4COPs founder Kristi Schiller as this year’s prestigious Leon Goldstein Award recipient.

This award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to fighting crime in the greater Houston area. K9s4COPs Founder, Kristi Hoss Schiller embodies the citizen resolve for which this accolade was established.

“I could not be more humbled to be given this distinction,” said Schiller. “We work daily to add to the safety of our community and schools – on behalf of our the entire K9s team, it is in honor to be recognized by another national non-profit for giving back.”

In December 2009, Schiller saw a story on the murder of K9 Deputy Blek, a Czech-German Shepard working in the Precinct Four Constable’s Office.

Moved and inspired to impact community safety, Schiller founded K9s4COPs, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing highly trained and skilled K9 officers to area law enforcement agencies. K9s4COPs is the only 501(c)(3) of its kind in the United States.

Schiller’s first gift of four K9s to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office launched the widely successful and innovative K9s4COPs. Crime Stoppers is honoring Kristi Schiller for her dedication to providing our law enforcement partners with the very dogs that make it possible for officers to safely and effectively protect our citizens.

In two years, K9s4COPs has granted 36 K9s to 17 agencies in seven states, averaging $12-15,000 each. These K9s are a vital part of keeping communities and schools safe.

“Kristi Schiller has singlehandedly strengthened the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in our pursuit to keep our community safe,” said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. “If not for her leadership and vision, our K9 Unit could not have been doubled, almost overnight, with patrol, narcotics and bomb sniffing four legged deputies.

“Kristi is owed our highest respect and honor for her commitment to keeping Harris County the safest in America.”


K9s4COPs Founder Kristi K Schiller with Houston Police Department & Harris County Sheriff’s Office K9s Officers at the Crime Stoppers Luncheon.For more information, please contact K9s4COPs Communications Director Jenna Jackson at