Deptford police welcome new K-9 police dogs, Titan and Rebel



The police department here has acquired two new police dogs. The German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mixes are being brought on as another dog, Aron, nears retirement.

Handler Michael Tirado is a DARE officer at Shady Lane School. He chose Rebel’s name by asking fifth-graders at the school to vote from a list of possible names.Officer Adam Ziegler, who currently works with Aron, will be Titan’s handler.

The dogs will start training at the John Burke Police Canine Academy in Atlantic County in January. There, they will learn to sniff for narcotics or bombs as well as locate missing persons and apprehend criminals.
“Through the full support of Mayor Medany and council, the new additions to our K-9 Unit will further demonstrate our commitment to public safety,” said Chief William Hanstein in a press release.