Galt Police Department Loses Last K9 To Accident, Waiting On New Recruits

GALT (CBS13) – The Galt Police Department is facing a major setback after losing two of its K9 officers.

If you’re a bad guy, you definitely don’t want to meet Bo the dog on the streets of Galt.

“Never complains, he’s always jumping at the door ready to go,” said Officer Brian Nino.

Whether it’s sniffing out drugs or protecting his partner, Bo is always ready.

“He does everything at about 150 percent. He doesn’t like to slow down, but unfortunately he’s going to have to, to prevent future injury,” said Nino.

Over the weekend, Bo was at an event showing off his takedown skills, but he landed wrong — breaking his ankle. Now he may need metal plates put in his leg.

“That’s what the surgeon is going to look at today, potentially put some plates in there today so he will have some good mobility for the remainder of his retirement,” said Nino.

Bo’s injury is too great for him to keep going.

This is the second dog to leave the Galt Police Department this year.

“It’s been an extremely difficult year up to this point,” said Nino.

Officer Kevin Tonn was shot and killed by a man during a burglary call in January. Tonn’s dog, Yaro, retired after his death.

Now Galt doesn’t have any K9s working the streets.

“We’re hoping that we’ll have a dog in the next couple of months, and they will go through a five week training program,” said Nino.

As for Bo, he’ll spend his retirement with his partner of seven years whom he loves so much.

“He’s part of the family and that’s why, once he retires, there is no other place for him at home than with us,” said Nino.

The Galt Police Department says it will pay for two new dogs with money raised by the community.


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