K9s4COPs Board Member Receives Awards for Bravery

A deputy who inspired the creation of a local charity has been honored twice this month for his bravery.

Deputy Ted Dahlin, who currently works for Harris County Precinct 4, was chosen as the recipient for the State of Texas Law Enforcement Achievement Award for Valor.

Deputy Dahlin was also chosen as a 2013 Law Enforcement Award Recipient by the 100 Club.

“I am humbled and honored by these awards,” said Deputy Dahlin. “I was so surprised to be chosen for these – and consider myself lucky every day to be able to work in this field.”

Dahlin’s bravery also inspired the creation of a local nonprofit foundation, K9s4COPs, in June 2010. In December 2009, Kristi Schiller saw a news story about Dahlin’s then partner K9 Blek, who was killed in the line of duty.

To compound the tragedy, the department was not going to be able to replace K9 Blek due to budgetary constraints. Moved by Blek’s death and frustrated by the lack of K9s on patrol, Schiller knew she had to do something extraordinary to help solve this growing problem for K9 departments. From this, K9s4COPs was created.

Since its creation, K9s4COPs has given 45 dogs across the country.

The recent awards were even further inspired by a new act of bravery that happened May 5, 2012. A few minutes before the end of his shift, Deputy Dahlin pulled over a car for making an illegal left turn.

He approached the driver’s side window – and the driver became very argumentative. Dahlin saw a rifle in the vehicle and asked the driver to step out of the car. He asked the driver if he had any other weapons. At that point, the driver pulled a pistol out and a struggle began.

The driver fired at Deputy Dahlin and struck him three times. Dahlin returned fire, killing the driver. His actions preserved his own life – and the safety of the citizens traveling along that roadway.

“Ted Dahlin exemplifies the bravery that we see across the nation with our law enforcement agencies,” said Liz Lara-Carreno, the executive director of K9s4COPs. “We are so proud to have the inspiration for our foundation honored by these two incredible organizations.”

For more information on K9s4COPs, contact communications director Jenna Jackson via Jenna(at)K9s4COPs(dot)org or 917 922 8146.