K9s4COPs gives dog to Cambria County Sheriff’s Department


EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY— The Cambria County Sheriff’sDepartment will be getting a new K-9 officer for free.

The department was recently chosen as one of six nationwide to receive the dog trained from K9s4Cops.

“I never thought we would receive something like this,” said Deputy Steve Szymusiak.

‘We are very excited about getting a dog trained by the nations best, like Delta Forces and Navy Seals,” said Sheriff Bob Kollar.  “This is not costing the tax payers a dime.”

Szymusiak is the K9 officer for the county, his current partner, Ali, will be retiring due to health complications.   The department was faced to come up with more than $10,000 to get a new K9.

‘We were trying to raise funds through a basket raffle,” said Szymusiak.

Through this grant which pays for the dog and its training won’t cost the county any money.  Szymusiak is disappointed to loose Ali as a partner but he will enjoy his retirement with Szymusiak and his family and welcome to dog.

The basket raffle will still be held April 28, 2013; proceeds will no go to buying safety equipment like a bullet proof vest for the dog.