K9s4COPs in the Rose Parade, KTLA

K9s4COPs dedicates its inaugural Rose Parade float to the heroic law enforcement K9 Units across America and to the men and women who serve and protect our community. K9s4COPs, a non-profit foundation, is dedicated to gifting highly trained K9s trained and ready for action. The intent of our float is to honor our four legged guardians who risk their lives everyday and in most states are considered full-fledged police officers. Sitting atop a bed of roses is our larger than life K9 that resembles our mascot a King Shepherd, Johnny Cash. Floral ribbons run the length of the float with clusters of white stars and floral fireworks forming a backdrop to frame the float. Our founder Kristi Schiller and her family will be joined by selected officers and deputies with their K9s by their side. These officers will be selected from the over 50 K9s that have been gifted to 23 agencies in 9 states in our 2 ½ years as a non-profit.

Construction Height:    22 feet Construction Width:     18 feet Construction Length:    55 feet

The stately German shepherd is artistically decorated in a variety of seeds and grasses to create the realistic fur. These include dark brown nyjer seed and beige sesame seeds with accents of black pharmitas and golden pampas grass. Its protective vest is covered in onion seed. Ribbons of gold strawflower petals flow the length of the float with platforms created in cream colored ironed cornhusk and white coconut chips. Crisp white stars created in sweet rice and dendrobium orchid florets float over the lush red carpet gardens comprised of over 50,000 brilliant red Opium roses and red gerbera. Floral displays of intense orange, red and purple feature red ginger, Lobster Claw, Rostrata, Caribea and Parakeet heliconia, bird of paradise, leucadendron, liatris, roses and specialty anthuriums, Completing this spectacular entry are floral explosions created in thousands of yellow Oncidium orchids, roses and bird of paradise at the rear of the float.

Source: http://ktla.com/2013/12/11/k9s-4cops/#ixzz2oyjkMAGF