#K9sGiveThanks | Deputy Royall & K9 Violet



“I am thankful for my partner Violet. She never complains, never gripes and never quits. She faithfully and cheerfully goes to work every day. I’ve had sick days, I’ve had injury. I’ve taken Vacations. Since Violet was donated in 2016 she has never missed a day of work due to illness. She loves to work and even after long days, extra shifts or special events outside of our normal schedule she is ready to go. She has gotten better and better and makes me look like I know what I’m doing. I often tell people that I’m just a hired driver for the talent. Thank you K9s4COPs for providing me with an awesome partner and best buddy.”

-Deputy Royall

?K9 Violet wants you to take our K$9 Challenge by donating $9 today! www.K9s4COPs.org/Donate