Little Boy Donates Bullet-Proof Vest


Meet Gavin Buchanan. He’s 5 years old, and has a heart of gold. He also has a soft-spot for man’s best friend.

Gavin is from Benicia, California.

He’s been saving up his chore money, and money he got from the tooth fairy.

But Gavin wasn’t saving for candy, or toys. He had something far more important in mind.

He saved up $100 and donated it all to help buy a bullet proof vest for a police dog.

Gavin had the honor of presenting the vest to “Eddie” a K-Nine from the Palo Alto, Police Department.

“Eddie” was in Alameda, California yesterday where many of the dogs were competing in a Police K-Nine competition.

Police at the event were touched by Gavin’s gift. “At 5 years old, that’s a huge amount of money and we’re absolutely grateful and thankful for him doing such a thing,” said one officer.

Way to go Gavin!