Man arrested for stealing police car with Police K9 inside

A man who police said stole a Henryetta police car with the K-9 officer inside is now behind bars.

FOX23’s Sharon Phillips learned the suspect may have been high on methamphetamine.

Endy is the Henryetta police department’s only K-9 officer. Officers told FOX23 Endy barked like crazy to try to stop the man from stealing the patrol car he was in.

Shortly after 7 a.m. Friday, officers received a call about a man trespassing at a trailer park. When they arrived, they say they found a disheveled-looking William Brooks.

“After speaking with him, they believed he was under the influence of possibly methamphetamine, and they arrested him for public intoxication at that time,” said Police Chief Steve Norman.

The officer handcuffed him and put him in the front seat of his police car, because Endy was in the dog cage in the back.

Police said Brooks was able to get his handcuffed hands from the back to the front by slipping his legs. between his arms.

Brooks took off in the police car, with Endy going crazy in the back seat. The dog couldn’t get to him because of the barrier dividing the front from the back.

“It’s a very desperate measure for somebody. However he appeared to be high on methamphetamine and those people do desperate things,” said Norman.

The OHP called in its hound team and quickly tracked Brooks to a nearby field. He had abandoned the police car and left Endy in the back seat. The beloved dog was later reunited with his handler.

“He’s an officer and we see him as an officer and a partner, and I can tell you that we are so very fortunate that nothing happened to Endy,” said Norman.

Brooks will be charged with motor vehicle theft, drug possession, and a host of other charges.