Meet Watchdog Realtor – Adam Sanders



Hi, my name is Adam Sanders and I am a former K9 handler for 13 years. My agency was one of the first recipients of a granted K9s4COPs dog and I had the honor of co-charring the K9s4COPs Olympic Board Committee for two years.  Needless to say, I have first hand knowledge of just how important K9s are in keeping our Officers and society safe, as my K9 partner did save my life one night. 

I am now a Realtor for Houston and its surrounding areas.  Over this past year I have prayed, researched and pondered on an area I wanted to give back to. During this time, we had two tragic school shootings. One was the Parkland shooting in Florida and of course one all too close to home, in Santa Fe High School. I, like most, was heartbroken and having a law enforcement background, tried to come up with a solution to this problem. 

That is why I am extremely proud to announce my partnership with K9s4KIDs!!   As you probably know the mission of K9s4KIDs is, “To support school districts and college campus police with K9s trained and ready for service.” Not only are these dogs utilized in schools to help deter criminal and contraband activity, they are now being trained to neutralize an active school shooter!!

An after action report revealed that in the Parkland shooting they only needed 15 more seconds to get to a safe area and only 30 more seconds in the Santa Fe shooting. These trained K9s are a game changer and are going to save lives.

In closing I have one question for you. Who do you know that needs to buy, sell or invest in real estate? I would love to help them. And in helping them I will be able to help K9s4kIDs grant more trained K9s to place in schools all across America. A portion of the proceeds that I make off of every real estate transaction, goes to this great cause.


Adam Sanders