We encourage all departments and agencies in need of a K9 to begin our grant application.

We have included all necessary documents needed, and explain the process that is involved.

We do not train K9s or accept dogs as donations. Our current kennel of choice is able to provide a broad selection of K9s for our clients. We go through lengthy measures to ensure that recipients are satisfied with their K9 selections and that they receive all necessary documentation including health certificates, required certifications, and passports.

If you do not receive a response within a calendar year and are still in need of a dog, please resubmit.

Below are the forms needed to complete the Grant Process. Please download and review each document. If you have any questions, please email


The Application Process

Below are the forms needed to complete the Grant Process for a K9 officer. Please download and review each document in its entirety. If there are any questions please contact

Step 1
Select and download the application that best describes your agency. Submit a completed application form to K9s4COPs. Completing this application form does not guarantee the gift of a K9.
Step 2
Agency Letter of Support and Contact Template
A letter of support on agency letterhead is required along with the application. The Police Chief, Constable, or fiduciary officer of the department must sign this letter. A template has been provided.
Step 3
K9s4COPs Phone Interview
A member of K9s4COPs review committee will contact the agency directly for a phone interview.
Step 4
Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions

Once an agency is chosen as a grant recipient the grant letter and the grant terms and conditions must be signed and submitted.

Step 5
K9s4COPs Annual Health Check
All agencies chosen as grant recipients are required to submit an annual health report.
Step 6
K9s4COPs Community Contribution Report
All grant recipients are required to submit quarterly statistics on the impact of their K9 in their community.
Step 7
K9s4COPs Image Release Form
All agencies chosen as grant recipients are asked to submit images of their K9.