What does a K9s4COPs Grant consist of? 

A K9s4COPs grant consists of a K9 and initial training for the K9 and its handler. K9s and initial training costs start at $15,000+ depending on the K9’s specialty (i.e. narcotics or explosive detection). We do not offer monetary grants, pay for handler’s salaries, vehicles or supplies. 


Does K9s4COPs issue a check to the approved applicants to purchase their own K9?

K9s4COPs does not give monetary grants to applicants. K9s4COPs pays the approved vendor directly for the initial training and K9 selected by the applicant. 


Can applicants come back and apply for another K9 once they have been awarded?

Yes, as long as the application process has been followed and the agency is in good standing with K9s4COPs (i.e. follows signed grant agreement, turns in statistic requests, etc.). Please keep in mind that we have a list of applicants that have made a request and your request will be placed in the order it was received.


If approved, will K9s4COPs pay for a dog I have selected from a local kennel or a local breeder?

K9s4COPs only works with K9 facilities that have been vetted and approved by our team. We have multiple K9 facilities that we partner with across the United States and will partner your agency up with a facility that is geographically close to your agency. If you have a K9 facility that you would like us to vet, please have them contact us at info@k9s4cops.org, and we will be happy consider them. 

Our goal is to provide highly trained K9s that are healthy and meet the department needs. We strive to work with a vendor/kennel that guarantees their dogs. 


Do you only grant K9s to established K9 units and departments?

K9s4COPs provides K9s to established public safety agencies, and those interested in launching a K9 Unit. A department must be able to provide full financial support for the K9 program (i.e. vehicle outfitted for a K9, vet, food, equipment, etc.), and partner the K9 with a full-time paid officer whom the K9 will live. 


Do you pay for all travel expenses to pick up the K9?

No, we do not pay for travel expenses. Some of our K9 training facilities do offer onsite housing or discount rates at nearby hotels. 


Is a K9 awarded to a department or to the K9 handler who submitted the application?

K9s4COPs makes its donation to the agency itself. We do not award a K9 to an officer directly. We want to ensure the department is prepared to care for the K9, regardless of who is named as the handler.


Does K9s4COPs reimburse a department for the grant if they are able to purchase a K9 on their own?

No, we don’t provide monetary grants or reimburse a department for canines the department purchased. 


Does K9s4COPs provide training for the K9?

K9s4COPs pays for the initial, basic handler’s course from vetted and approved K9 facilities/training centers—usually the same facility where the dog is purchased or will train with Harris County Sheriff’s Office Academy in Houston. For more information or questions on the training process, email info@k9s4cops.org.


How can I get a K9s4COPs fundraiser started for my agency?

We have a few options to consider. Please note that your agency must submit a grant application and be approved by one of our team members before you start fundraising to ensure your agency is eligible for a K9 grant should you reach your goal. 


Start a virtual fundraiser for your agency:

Option 1: Set up your own virtual fundraiser for K9s4COPs via Facebook fundraisers and share with your community to help contribute towards the cost of your K9.  If you need assistance on how to do this- please let us know. 

Option 2: For the month of October- join us for Leashed the 2021 K9s4COPs Virtual Dog Walk by putting together a team for your agency and sharing with your community to help contribute towards the cost of your K9. For more information go to: https://k9s4cops.rallybound.org

All the 100% tax deductible donations will go directly to K9s4COPs and be saved as restricted funds for the purchase of a K9 for your department. Once you reach your goal (or amount it costs to pay for the K9 and training— then a K9 will be granted to your agency). This might be a faster way to get a K9 granted— if you can rally your community behind you. 



Ask local business to sponsor your K9:

Another alternative way to help fund your K9 is to go directly to the businesses in your community and ask them to sponsor your K9 with a donation to K9s4COPs. They will get the opportunity to name and meet your K9.


Host your own special event:

Plan your own K9s4COPs special event such as a fun run, bowling competition, golf tournament or anything you can dream up and present a check to K9s4COPs after event. 


How can I get trained K9 in my child’s school?

Please see this link for more information on K9s4KIDs


Can I donate a puppy or homeless dog to K9s4COPs and have it turned into a K9 Officer?

While we wish every puppy could be turned into a K9 superhero, we do not train K9s in-house or accept homeless dogs as donations. Our K9s come from approved and licensed K9 facilities and trainers that specialize in working dogs and are able to provide a broad selection of K9s for our grantees to select from. If you have a dog that you think might make a “paw-some” K9 officer, we suggest contacting a nearby licensed K9 training facility that might be able to evaluate your dog further.

For more information, email info@k9s4cops.org.

What is K9s4COPs’ Tax ID or EIN? 


What Are Your SMS Terms & Conditions? 

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"Not only are our handlers more equipped to do their job safely and more efficient, but our children's schools and our streets are safer."

- Deputy Clayton Marshall, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

"Having been a K9 handler for ten years, I know firsthand that there is no greater 'tool' that can be utilized in the line of duty. A life saving device that not only becomes our partner, but our best friend, that would give their lives to preserve ours. There is no stronger bond...and for that, I am extremely thankful."

- Deputy James Glaze, Harris County Sheriff’s Office

“If it were not for K9s4COPs, I would not be where I am today in my K-9 career. The impact that K9s4COPs has on the community cannot be measured. Thank you so much K9s4COPs for everything you have done for me and my fellow brothers in blue. My family thanks for you providing the best and bringing me home safe at night."

- Dep. Kenny Taylor, Harris County Sheriff Office

“People do not understand we would not have a career law enforcement without these 4-legged partners. Thank you K9s4COPs for allowing me such a valuable tool to complete my work each and every day. The bad guys are not grateful, but on behalf of me and my family we certainly are!”

- Deputy Larry Graves, Harris County Sheriff's Office