K9s4COPs has successfully created awareness of the roles that our K9 officers have in keeping communities safe.

Born with an instinct to protect and serve the pack, K9s are invaluable assets to public safety, and help agencies do their jobs faster and safer. These amazing K9s use their natural abilities to help solve crimes, help distressed people, and protect their human partners. No community can afford not to have a K9 keeping them safe, and we are constantly pulling data to show how K9s make a difference for public safety agencies.


K9s make an impact

K9 teams are used in situations where time and speed are of essence, such as searching a building where a suspect could be hiding or searching for a missing child.

K9s4COPs donates K9s that are trained and ready for action to law enforcement agencies, fire departments and schools who lack the budget to purchase a K9.

A dog team can search an area 50 times faster than a human and can smell up to 500,000 times better with a much-enhanced degree of certainty.

Since 2011, K9s donated by K9s4COPs have confiscated more than 8,500  firearms, and over one billion dollars in narcotics and cash gained through illicit criminal activity. Our K9s have also assisted in 10,000 arrests and participated in over 6,000 community outreach and educational events.


“If it were not for K9s4COPs, I would not be where I am today in my K-9 career. The impact that K9s4COPs has on the community cannot be measured. Thank you so much K9s4COPs for everything you have done for me and my fellow brothers in blue. My family thanks for you providing the best and bringing me home safe at night."

- Dep. Kenny Taylor, Harris County Sheriff Office

"Having been a K9 handler for ten years, I know firsthand that there is no greater 'tool' that can be utilized in the line of duty. A life saving device that not only becomes our partner, but our best friend, that would give their lives to preserve ours. There is no stronger bond...and for that, I am extremely thankful."

- Deputy James Glaze, Harris County Sheriff’s Office

"Not only are our handlers more equipped to do their job safely and more efficient, but our children's schools and our streets are safer."

- Deputy Clayton Marshall, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

“People do not understand we would not have a career law enforcement without these 4-legged partners. Thank you K9s4COPs for allowing me such a valuable tool to complete my work each and every day. The bad guys are not grateful, but on behalf of me and my family we certainly are!”

- Deputy Larry Graves, Harris County Sheriff's Office

K9s make an impact

See how these highly trained K9s are making an impact in your community. A K9 can easily pay for itself by taking one big bust off the street.


K9 Kolt found 7.5 kilograms of Cocaine with a seizure value of $187,500 concealed in a speaker box!


K9 Beny found 4,488 grams of THC oil and a stolen gun!


K9 Turbo found 24.6 kilograms of Cocaine, 4 hand guns, 1 rifle, and $3,800 in U.S. Currency!


K9 Kraken assisted in the seizure of 15.5 pounds of Marijuana and a seizure of $7,500 cash!


K9 Asha found 99 grams of THC and 2 pounds of Hydro


K9 Indy seized $98,000!!


K9 Asha found 6 Kilos of Cocaine with a seizure value of $150,000!


K9 Athos found 20 grams of Meth with a seizure value of $600!


K9 Angus found 6,259 grams of THC, 1.75 ounces of Marijuana, 1 gram of Cocaine, 12 Xanax, and 51 AU’s of LSD!!


K9 Asha found CASH with an estimated amount of $400,000!

2,430 lbs

K9 Turbo assisted in the seizure of 2,430 pounds of Marijuana


K9 Beny busts 500lbs of marijuana in Eagle Lake, TX.


K9s4COPs dogs have participated in 143,928 searches since 2011


K9s4COPs dogs have assisted with 6,148 arrests since 2011


K9s4COPs dogs have recovered $19,252,510 in illegal cash


K9s4COPs dogs have seized $48,045,508 worth of cocaine


K9s4COPs dogs have sniffed out $7,312,405 worth of Heroin


K9s4COPs dogs have taken $60,164,596 of Methamphetamine off the streets


K9s4COPs dogs gave located $13,091,475 worth of Marijuana


K9s4COPs dogs have taken $478,754 of MDMA seized off the streets