K9s4COPs has successfully created awareness of the roles that our K9 officers have in fighting crime.

We are constantly pulling data that shows how a K9 officer makes a difference in departments. With budgets and manpower being cut at departments across the country, dog teams continue to prove their viability to the department.

K9s make an impact

K9 teams are used in situations where time and speed are of essense, such as searching a building where a suspect could be hiding. These types of calls lend them to a canine’s team’s expertise.

K9s4COPs donates K9s that are trained & ready for action, to law enforcement agencies and school districts who lack the budget to add one.

A dog team can search an area 50 times faster than a human and can smell up to 500,000 times better with a much-enhanced degree of certainty.

Since 2011 K9s donated by K9s4COPs have confiscated more than 3,500 firearms, over $300 million dollars in narcotics and cash gained through illicit criminal activity. Our police K9s have also participated in 6,500 arrests and helped keep the peace in over 4,000 public demonstrations.