K9s4KIDs provides trained K9s to schools and universities and was created in 2013 after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook. The K9s4KIDs initiative provides K9s to schools making them a safer place for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

K9s4KIDs was created to sustain an alternative, kinder and gentler approach to keeping our school children safe. 

Statistics show that having a trained K9 on campus serves as a double deterrent, keeping narcotics from being distributed and serving as a personal protection barrier between potential harm to our innocent students. These exceptional K9s, along with their handlers, sweep thousands of classrooms, lockers and cars each school year.  

In addition to the safety of having a trained police dog on campus to protect the students— these four-legged officers and their handlers provide outreach by visiting with students at school assemblies, events and participating in crime safety prevention presentations. These fast acting K9s also provide security at sporting events and school venues and have protected an estimated two million people from the threat of bombs and explosives. 

We are committed to being part of a solution that works to keep our communities, schools and children safe.

We do not believe that budget cuts should get in the way of our children’s safety. If your school district or campus police is in need of a K9 and needs assistance, please see our FAQs below and contact us at 936- 825-9900 or at info@k9s4cops.org

K9s4KIDs Statistics

* numbers are an estimate of reported performance stats from K9s4COPs/K94KIDs handlers through September 30, 2019.

Dogs Placed
Million Students Protected
Lockers Searched
Classrooms Searched
Kilograms of Narcotics Seized
Arrests Assisted With
Knives Seized
Guns Seized
Taser Seized


What does a K9s4KIDs Grant Consist of? 

A K9s4KIDs grant consists of a K9 and initial training for the K9 and its handler. K9s and initial training costs start at $15,000+ depending on the K9’s specialty (i.e. narcotics or explosive detection). We do not offer monetary grants, pay for handler’s salaries, vehicles or supplies.  

How can I get trained K9 in my child’s school? 

Your school district or university must have an existing school police department with a full-time paid commissioned K9 handler with whom the K9 will live with and who will be responsible for taking care of the K9 daily. K9 officers are granted to a school district police department and must be approved by the school district’s board. In addition- the school district or campus police must be able to provide for all expenses associated with the dog. This includes: vehicle outfitted with K9 cage for car and heat sensor alarm, food, shelter, training, medical care and equipment for K9 (leashes, vests, collars, toys). 

My school district or college campus meets all of the above criteria. How can they apply?

The school district or campus police department will need to apply for a K9 from K9s4COPs through our website here: https://k9s4copsprd.wpengine.com/apply/

How can I sponsor a K9 for a school district or university? 

We can match you with an agency that has already applied for and been approved for a K9s4COPs grant. Sponsorships start at $15,000 for a single-purpose K9 (i.e. narcotics or explosive detection only to $20,000+ for a dual-purpose (i.e. narcotics and patrol or explosives and patrol). Please see here for more info on sponsoring a K9: https://k9s4copsprd.wpengine.com/sponsor-a-dog/

Can our school district hold a fundraiser or crowd-fund to pay for our K9? 

Yes, as long as your school district or campus police has applied for a K9 through K9s4COPs and meets all criteria, you are welcome to hold your own fundraising event to help pay for the K9 and be awarded a grant faster. Event ideas include fun runs, golf tournaments, galas etc. If online crowd funding is more your thing— we encourage you to start a virtual fundraiser for K9s4COPs. This can be done in two ways:

K9s4COPs can set up a direct fundraising campaign page/link through our website that would be a specific to the agency/school. This link can then be shared via text, email, or social media with friends, family, fellow parents and the community to crowd-fund the K9 grant. Keep in mind that if you get a company or individual or a group of people to fund the entire cost of dog—- they will get to name the K9 and could be invited to a special meet and greet with K9 etc. A great benefit for you to promote to your potential donors.

Set up your own virtual fundraiser for K9s4COPs via Facebook fundraisers and share with your community to help contribute towards the cost of your K9.  If you need assistance on how to do this- please let us know.


All the 100% tax deductible donations will go directly to K9s4COPs and be saved as restricted funds for the purchase of a K9 for the school district or university. Once you reach your goal (or amount it costs to pay for the K9 and training— then a K9 will be granted to your agency). This might be a faster way to get a K9 granted— if you can rally your school community behind you.

Where do your K9s come from? 

Our K9s come from approved and licensed K9 facilities and trainers that specialize in working dogs and are able to provide a broad selection of K9s for our grantees to select from. 

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