To support school districts and college campus police with K9s trained and ready for service.

The K9s4KIDs Initiative

Nationwide events in the past few years have changed how we look at safety in schools and college campuses across the nation.

A safe learning environment is a basic requirement for educators and students alike. Safety features and plans are being reevaluated and discussions are being held on how best to provide more security.

K9s4KIDs was launched from these discussions with the initiative to reach out to school district and college campus police and offer K9s trained and ready for action.


Teachers Corner

​K9 officers visit classrooms across this nation. Children learn at a very young age about the work these dogs perform every day to keep them safe. K9 officers have shared how important it is to help children understand when something bad is happening and who is there to help and protect them.

​When people are in trouble they call the Police.

When Police are in trouble they call a K9.


Keeping Students Safe

Trained K9s provide the ability to search, apprehend and sniff out narcotics, explosives and weapons on command. They provide a partnership to an officer that minimizes the danger to humans.

The K9s4KIDs Initiative is about the fundamental belief that we support and enhance law enforcement agencies with the support they need to do their job. The use of K9s in military and law enforcement have proven to be effective and life saving, and should be a consideration when building a strong police presence.

The K9s4KIDs Initiative is part of K9s4COPs a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. K9s4COPs is the largest foundation dedicated to providing K9s to law enforcement agencies in need. Since receiving its 501(c)(3) status in March 2011, K9s4COPs has provided over 50 K9s to 25 agencies that include school districts.

We are committed to being part of a solution that works to keep our communities, schools and children safe.

We do not believe that budget cuts should get in the way of our children’s safety. If your school district or campus police is in need of a K9 and needs assistance, please contact us.


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Message from the
Founder & Chair

I am a mother, wife, daughter, social entrepreneur and philanthropist. Like many parents, I have sent my daughter off to school believing she will be in a safe learning environment. However, after recent school tragedies, that may be an idea from the past.

The recent school and campus shootings have created a call to action from our communities. We must do our part to support campus police and law enforcement agencies that patrol and keep our school grounds safe.

K9s4KIDs is focused on providing that support and we ask you to join us by donating today.


​Kristi K. Schiller


Brendan GIlbert

Legal Counsel, Schlumberger

Deputy Ted Dahlin

Harris County Constable's Office Precinct 4

Honorable Robert Eckels

Looper, Reed & McGraw, LLC

Pam Mahoney

Civic Volunteer 

Dr. Manny Sanchez, DVM

Freeport Veterinary Medical Center

Mark Spillard, CPA

​Dr. Keith Ablow, MD

Contributor Fox News Channel

Honorable Brock Bierman

Executive Director,
Former Rhode Island State Representative

Marilyn Chinitz

Managing Partner at the offices of Blank Rome, Counselors at Law 

Phil Houston

CEO of QVerity
Formerly with the Central Intelligence Agency 

Jess Rogers

Founder/President TutorVille
Community Volunteer 

Joe Tacopina

Managing Partner at the Law Offices of Tacopina Seigel & Turano, P.C.

Tami Gillespie Thomas

3rd Grade Teacher/Civic Volunteer 

William Stanton

Safety & Security Expert 

Josh Welch

Creative Director

Roxanna Wood

Family Wellness Advocate/Civic Volunteer

Dave Zinczenko

President & CEO Galvanized Brands
ABC News nutrition and wellness editor

Putting our Children First by creating safe campuses across the

nation with K9s trained and ready for action.

….. Founder Kristi Schiller


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