Nationwide events in the past few years have changed how we look at safety in schools and college campuses across the nation.

A safe learning environment is a basic requirement for educators and students alike. Safety features and plans are being reevaluated and discussions are being held on how best to provide more security. K9s4KIDs was launched from these discussions with the initiative to reach out to school district and college campus police and offer K9s trained and ready for action.

Our Most Recent Gifting: Hondo ISD

Hondo Police Department gained a new officer, K9 Bah’le! We can’t wait to see the impact this officer has on Hondo ISD, as he works to make schools a safer place. #DrugFreeISD 


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Keeping Students Safe

Trained K9s provide the ability to search, apprehend and sniff out narcotics, explosives and weapons on command.


They provide a partnership to an officer that minimizes the danger to humans.

The K9s4KIDs Initiative is about the fundamental belief that we support and enhance law enforcement agencies with the support they need to do their job. The use of K9s in military and law enforcement have proven to be effective and life saving, and should be a consideration when building a strong police presence.

The K9s4KIDs Initiative is part of K9s4COPs a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. K9s4COPs is the largest foundation dedicated to providing K9s to law enforcement agencies in need. Since receiving its 501(c)(3) status in March 2011, K9s4COPs has provided 147 K9s resulting in over $150,000,000 in contraband removed from the streets.

We are committed to being part of a solution that works to keep our communities, schools and children safe.

We do not believe that budget cuts should get in the way of our children’s safety. If your school district or campus police is in need of a K9 and needs assistance, please contact us.

Message from the Founder & Chair

k9s4kids-founderI am a mother, wife, daughter, social entrepreneur and philanthropist. Like many parents, I have sent my daughter off to school believing she will be in a safe learning environment. However, after recent school tragedies, that may be an idea from the past.


The recent school and campus shootings have created a call to action from our communities. We must do our part to support campus police and law enforcement agencies that patrol and keep our school grounds safe.

K9s4KIDs is focused on providing that support and we ask you to join us by donating today.






Kristi Schiller

Founder & Board Chair

Laura Boswell

Deputy Ted Dahlin

David DeLeon

Hon. Robert Eckels

Preston Hall

Commr. John Hoss

Sara Marie Kinney

Laurie Krohn

Dr. Manuel Sanchez, DMV.


Advisory Board


Robin Anderson

Bradley Arnold

W.A. “Beau”  Bisso

David Buchalter

Andrea Busby

Marilyn Chinitz

Jamie Colby

Jana Fant

David Hagy

Phil Houston

Rikki Kleiman

Bill Knapik

Stephen Lang

Desiree Lonsway

Blake Miguez

Chris Moore

Jason Morris

Jack Rains

Marisa R. Randazzo, PhD

Stuart Red

Doug Roller

Bill Stanton

Dayna Steele

Ellen Susman

Joe Tacopina

SFC John Wayne Walding

David Wilde

Rox Brady Wood

Dave Zinczenko