Leashed Virtual Dog Walk

Join us as a fundraiser for our first-ever virtual dog walk!

Take a walk to make communities safer with LEASHED- the Virtual Dog Walk for K9s4COPs! A virtual walk means anyone can join from anywhere in the world and you set your own pace and distance while making a difference.

Now through November 2020- anytime, anyplace, any pace!

REGISTER, create your own online fundraising page and then take a walk with your pup anytime between now and November 30, 2020.

Whether you walk around the block, entire neighborhood or hit the trails, you’ll be part of a virtual movement of citizens like you who care about the safety of YOUR communities and schools.

Invite your family, friends & co-workers and create your own team when you sign up. See EVENT INFO and FAQS for more information.

All money raised by your efforts will help us purchase police K9s for law enforcement agencies and school police departments who need our support more than ever now. A K9, along with the initial training, starts at $15,000 and can exceed $45,000, depending on the K9’s discipline and detection skills. These costs, coupled with budget constraints, often prevent agencies from purchasing a K9 or replacing one when injured, retired, or lost in the line of duty.

Our walk leads up to the Official Virtual Walk Day Celebration Program on Saturday, November 21, 2020 where you can tune-in and watch online from the comfort of your own home!


Interested in being a SPONSOR of the Dog Walk? Click here for more information and sponsorship benefits!

For questions or help setting up your fundraising page-
Please contact walk@k9s4cops.org


Click here to REGISTER or DONATE to the event now! 

"Not only are our handlers more equipped to do their job safely and more efficient, but our children's schools and our streets are safer."

- Deputy Clayton Marshall, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

"Having been a K9 handler for ten years, I know firsthand that there is no greater 'tool' that can be utilized in the line of duty. A life saving device that not only becomes our partner, but our best friend, that would give their lives to preserve ours. There is no stronger bond...and for that, I am extremely thankful."

- Deputy James Glaze, Harris County Sheriff’s Office

“If it were not for K9s4COPs, I would not be where I am today in my K-9 career. The impact that K9s4COPs has on the community cannot be measured. Thank you so much K9s4COPs for everything you have done for me and my fellow brothers in blue. My family thanks for you providing the best and bringing me home safe at night."

- Dep. Kenny Taylor, Harris County Sheriff Office

“People do not understand we would not have a career law enforcement without these 4-legged partners. Thank you K9s4COPs for allowing me such a valuable tool to complete my work each and every day. The bad guys are not grateful, but on behalf of me and my family we certainly are!”

- Deputy Larry Graves, Harris County Sheriff's Office