18 Houston Charities Making a Difference for Local Animals in Need


The numbers are staggering. Reports say that Americans happily spend at least $62.75 billion on their furry (or scaly) friends. And yet, there exists a sad dichotomy: studies suggest tens of millions of stray dogs and cats live on America’s streets or in rural areas. In Houston alone, the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control (BARC) once estimated 1 million stray animals are fighting for survival. Estimates vary on how many are euthanized in shelters annually — solely due to lack of space or willing adopters — but some figure BARC alone put down 15 animals per day in 2017.

Fortunately for the Bayou City’s four-legged population, myriad local charities are stepping up to assist, especially championing the no-kill movement. These groups range from on-the-ground rescues to networking and umbrella organizations. Their sole cause: the betterment of homeless and struggling animals’ lives in Houston. While hundreds of small groups exist, we’ve rounded up 18 organizations doing the yeoman’s work — and we’ve included a handy link to make a difference today.

A Place for Peanut
A Place for Peanut is a nonprofit horse sanctuary that mostly rescues miniature horses. Many of the horses at A Place for Peanut were rescued from kill pens and are rehabilitated and rehomed with families. The organization also strives to educate the public about kill pens and the horror that horses endure.
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Barrio Dogs
Barrio Dogs works with the mission of raising awareness about proper animal care and the importance of spaying and neutering pets — as well as the importance of animal birth control and humane treatment. While Barrio Dogs is not a rescue group, they have rescued many street dogs that were in especially poor physical condition, nursed them back to health, and found them homes. By focusing on the reasons why homeless animals exist, Barrio Dogs sheds light on other community problems and possible long-term solutions.
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Citizens for Animal Protection
Founded in 1972, Citizens for Animal Protection is committed to sheltering, rescuing, and placing homeless animals. They also work towards relieving animal suffering by preventing animal cruelty, providing humane education to develop an aware and responsive community, and advocating respect and compassion for animal life.
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DAWG Foundation
The DAWG Foundation provides a companion canine for U.S. military veterans (and select first responders) battling PTSD. The companion canine is well trained by DAWG Foundation-approved trainers, and is meant to provide everything from simple companionship and emotional support to limited mobility/distress assistance. Part of the DAWG Foundation’s mission is to adequately provide post-training counseling and inspections on the veteran/companion team.
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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a breed-specific group dedicated to the rescue of German Shepherd dogs. The dogs are obtained from public shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized, or they are given to the group directly by their owners. All dogs receive necessary healthcare, including spaying/neutering, and are microchipped before being placed in a foster home until they are adopted. The group also provides information and education to the community to develop a better life for all German Shepherds. This year marks its 10th anniversary making a difference for discarded, ill, or surrendered dogs.
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HOPE (Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor)
Hope is a coalition of animal advocates who are dedicated to ending the homelessness of dogs and cats in Houston through foster to adoption, feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return, and education. The organization is totally volunteer driven and happily accepts donations towards helping care for the many animals that are abandoned or homeless in Houston.
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Houston BARC Foundation
The Houston BARC Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for all animals in Houston — especially those under the care of the City of Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. Donations directly benefit animals sheltered at, or otherwise cared for by, BARC through purchases of medical, kennel, sanitary, and other supplies and equipment. The foundation also raises awareness about homeless and at-risk animals throughout our community and hosts community events.
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Houston Humane Society
The Houston Humane Society is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life possible to animals while also working toward ending cruelty, abuse, and overpopulation of animals. They receive no outside funding and depend entirely upon donations. They host events such as pet adoptions, humane education, and a spay/neuter clinic to encourage public education and aid.
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Houston PetSet
Houston PetSet is an umbrella organization that provides grants to animal welfare-related nonprofits in Houston. Through these grants, the organization seeks to end homelessness and alleviate suffering of animals. They hope to help those who are “in the trenches” on a daily basis rescuing, spaying, neutering, fostering, and adopting.
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Houston SPCA
The century-old Houston SPCA is Houston’s first and largest animal protection agency in the Gulf Coast region. It provides more than a dozen vital services and programs for the community, including adoptions, 24-hour injured animal rescue ambulance, and educational programs and outreach that promote commitment to and respect for all animals to help free them from suffering, abuse, and exploitation.
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K-9 Angels Rescue
K-9 Angels Rescue is committed to rescuing and rehoming shelter dogs in and around the city of Houston, regardless of their breed or their circumstance. The group seeks to address the dire need to educate the public about the effects of irresponsible breeding practices, while helping the community by alleviating overcrowding in area shelters.
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K9s4COPS was formed to address the need for funding the purchase of K9s for law enforcement agencies. K9s cost around $15,000 to $25,000 per dog, and most agencies struggle when budgeting for the purchase of a service animal. What most departments can budget for, however, is the required care, training, and transportation of a K9. K9s4COPs was founded to bridge this gap and ensure that K9 cost never keeps an officer from having their K9 partner.
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Rescued Pets Movement
One of Houston’s most high-profile and aggressive pet foster groups, Rescued Pets Movement provides a second chance for cats and dogs through rehabilitation, foster families, and finally, a home. Volunteers, donations, and foster families are crucial to RPM and the many animals they save each year from being euthanized. Sending animals as far away as Colorado, the group has saved more than 27,000 animal lives since 2013 and hosts an annual fundraising Fur Ball.
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SAVE Rescue Coalition
Save Rescue Coalition was formed to help animal rescue groups in Houston work together to reduce the homeless pet problem. The organization is entirely led by volunteers and receives no government funding, so they depend upon help from the community to care for homeless animals in Houston.
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Scout’s Honor Rescue
Scout’s Honor rescues animals from city pounds, local shelters, and the streets to provide them with a second chance in a loving home. The organization will take in animals regardless of their health or breed, but many times is limited by their funding, which prevents them from being able to save animals in need.
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SIRE’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with special needs through therapeutic horsemanship activities and therapies, and educational outreach. The organization depends upon volunteers to assist clients both inside and outside the riding arena. Donations allow people with special needs to be partnered with SIRE’s specially trained horses, bringing about life-changing results.
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The Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation
Houston Astros pitcher and fan favorite Lance McCullers Jr. is known for promoting his charity nearly as much as he does his World Series team. The young ace started the foundation to to invest time and resources into the promotion of pet adoptions, raise awareness for shelters and programs, and promote the idea of a no-kill world. McCullers and his wife Kara are hands-on leaders, hosting regular events in Houston. McCullers hopes to create a mobile pet adoption vehicle that can also be purposed as a rescue transport during natural disasters.
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Westbury C.A.R.E (Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts)
Westbury CARE addresses many of the growing animal-related problems in Houston. This includes roaming and stray animals, the trapping and neuter return of feral cats, lost and found animals, and a lack of neutering, spaying, and microchipping. CARE is completely volunteer-run and depends on fosters, volunteers, and donors to continue its critical work and connect with the Houston community through outreach and events, to help people understand the importance of caring for animals with kindness and providing pets with food, water, shelter, and love.
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K9s4COPs Grants K9 to the Ruidoso Downs Race Track & Casino


RUIDOSO DOWNS, NM – Texas based non-profit K9s4COPs has donated one trained K9 police officer to the Ruidoso Downs Race Track & Casino in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.

The dual-purpose narcotics and tracking dog will be certified and partnered with a handler from the Ruidoso Police Department. K9s4COPs will work closely with the 14 month old Belgian Malinois “K9 Csini” as she begins sweeping of the race track for illegal equine performance enhancing drugs.

 “Ruidoso Downs Race Track & Casino is committed to the elimination of illegal equine performance drugs such as Albuterol, Clenbuterol and numerous compounded peptides,”  says Jeff True, General Manager and President.

K9 Csini will be partnered with a certified K9 handler from the Ruidoso Police Department. “We are thrilled to accept this K9 and proud to partner with K9s4COPs as we join efforts to combat the illegal equine performance drug epidemic. We thank K9s4COPs for all they do worldwide to support law enforcement agencies,” Chief Chief Darren Hooker, Ruidoso Police Department.

K9s4COPs was founded in 2010 by Texas Philanthropist, Kristi Schiller, to fund the donations of highly trained K9s to law enforcement agencies and schools around the world. These donations offset the costs of budget cuts, which can deeply affect the K9 unit. In 2014, Schiller founded the initiative K9s4KIDs, which provides trained K9s to schools and universities. Typically, each K9 can cost in range of $15,000 to a specialized K9 that can value in excess of $35,000. These essential tools are often the first to fall to department budget cuts.

“Hands down, a trained K9 is the most powerful tools that law enforcement can utilize in the war against drugs and the ability to keep our communities safe. K9s are essential tools in the pursuit of illegal contraband. I have a personal passion for Quarter Horse racing, so on behalf of K9s4COPs, we are honored to assist Ruidoso Downs Race Track in the war on illegal performance enhancing drugs,” said Schiller.

Additional information on Ruidoso Downs Race Track & Casino can be found at www.raceruidoso.com.

Hudson and K9s4COPs to Gift K9 to Fayetteville Police Department



Photo: Landon Ash, CEO of Xtreme Concepts, Chief Harold Medlock, Matt Pierce, K9 Trainer, U.S. Representative Richard Hudson (NC-08), Roseann Rogers, K9s4COPS Executive Director and Mayor Nat Robertson.

On June 3rd U.S. Representative Richard Hudson (NC-08) joined  Mayor Nat Robertson, Chief Harold Medlock and K9s4COPs to present a donated arson K9 partner to the Fayetteville Police Department.

Rep. Hudson heard about the Fayetteville Police Department’s need for an arson K9 and contacted K9s4COPS, a Houston based non-profit. The gift and training of the K9 was made possible by the generosity of Landon Ash, CEO of Xtreme Concepts based in Anniston, Alabama.

View the full story here.

K9s4COPS Awarded FBI Director’s Award


Photo: K9s4COPS Founder Kristi Schiller receiving the award on behalf of K9s4COPS by Director James Comey in Washington DC on April 15 2016.

K9s4COPS was in Washington D.C. last weekend to receive the FBI Director’s 2015 Community Leadership Award. The award is given to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in the United States. We are THRILLED to have this amazing honor.

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Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson and Lake Fork Guide Jason Hoffman
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson and Lake Fork Guide Jason Hoffman
Lake Fork Guide Skeeter Fowler, Brian Robison, and Grand Champion Winners Tony and Tommy Climer
Lake Fork Guide Skeeter Fowler, Brian Robison, and Grand Champion Winners Tony and Tommy Climer
Deputy Jones, K9 Hawk, K9s4COPS Founder Kristi Schiller, Brian and Jayme Robiso, K9s4COPS Executive Director Roseann Rogers, Deputy Zuniga and K9 Chapo
Deputy Jones, K9 Hawk, K9s4COPS Founder Kristi Schiller, Brian and Jayme Robiso, K9s4COPS Executive Director Roseann Rogers, Deputy Zuniga and K9 Chapo
Silent Auction Items
Silent Auction Items
VIP Fishing Tournament Group
VIP Fishing Tournament Group



NFL Athletes and East Texas Locals Rally to Donate Trained Canine Officers to Law Enforcement


DALLAS, TEXAS (April 14, 2016)- This past weekend, April 8-10, NFL celebrity athletes, including Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and members of the University of Texas Longhorns 2005 national championship team, cast their rods alongside local fishermen on the waters of Lake Fork, Texas for the inaugural Brian Robison “Reel ‘Em In Foundation” bass fishing tournament benefiting Texas nonprofit K9s4COPS. By the end of the weekend, the Reel ‘Em In Foundation raised nearly $27,800 for K9s4COPS, covering the cost of at least two K9s for a law enforcement agencies in need.


Minnesota Vikings Defensive End and former UT Longhorn, Brian Robison welcomed Vikings teammate Adrian Peterson, Vikings teammate and former Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Terence Newman, and former Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Jason Hatcher to East Texas. The tournament also served as a reunion for Brian and his former UT Longhorns teammates, including NFL Veteran Jordan Shipley, former Houston Texans Offensive Guard Kasey Studdard, NFL Veteran Quan Cosby, and former UT Longhorn Offensive Tackle Tully Janszen. K9s4COPS Founder Kristi Schiller was also in attendance, along with Dallas canine police officers K9 Chapo and K9 Hawk, representing K9s4COPS.


Highlights of the tournament included a thrilling demonstration by K9s Chapo and Hawk, meet-and-greets with the attending celebrity athletes and live commentary during weigh-ins by professional angler Bernard “Fat Cat” Newton. Overall, 44 teams participated in the tournament. Top winners were: 


1st Place ($3,000)- Tommy and Tony Climer

2nd Place- Steve Hodge and Shawn O’Malley

3rd Place- Paris Nelson and Al Jordan


The tournament featured a live auction, including opportunities to fish with celebrity athletes paired with a guide in the VIP tournament the following day, packages including lodging and guided fishing trips in Minnesota and Texas and a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico.


REIF also hosted a silent auction using QTEGO bidding technology, which allowed participants to bid from anywhere in the nation using smart phones. Top silent auction items included a golf hat signed by PGA Professional Jordan Spieth, jerseys signed by Brian Robison, Adrian Peterson, and Teddy Bridgewater, and a Dallas Cowboys official helmet autographed by Troy Aikman.


DropBox Link to Event Photos:



About The Brian Robison “Reel ‘Em In” Foundation

Veteran Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison and wife Jayme founded the Reel ‘Em In Foundation in 2015 with a mission to give back to local communities in Minnesota and Robison’s home state of Texas. The Reel ‘Em In Foundation (REIF) combines Robison’s passion for fishing with the couple’s devotion to aligning with existing charitable organizations to benefit those in need. Each year, REIF is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for a chosen charitable organization through two marquee fishing tournaments, held in Minnesota and Texas. In 2016, REIF has united with K9s4COPS, a national organization that provides canines to law enforcement agencies, school districts and college campuses across the United States. For more information on REIF, please visit http://brianrobison96.com/.


About K9s4COPS

K9s4COPS is a national nonprofit organization that grants fully trained K9s to law enforcement agencies and schools. K9s4cops is responsible for taking more than 100 million dollars’ worth of contraband off the streets. Today, K9s4COPS has placed more than 130 K9s in 80 different agencies and school districts in 31 states across the United States. Most recently, K9s4COPS granted its first international K9 to the French National (RAID) Police in Paris, France. K9 Libertè was granted to supplement their K9 that was killed in the line of duty during the November terrorist attacks on the city. For more information on K9s4COPS, please visit https://k9s4copsprd.wpengine.com/



WOIO Cleveland: Officer Davis and K9 Tuko Arrive Safely in Ohio

Office Davis and K9 Tuko landed safely in Ohio on Tuesday. Photo Courtesy of WOIO Ohio
Office Davis and K9 Tuko landed safely in Ohio on Tuesday. Photo Courtesy of WOIO Ohio

Thank you to everyone who made Officer Davis’ trip to Houston a success. United Airlines provided roundtrip flights for Officer Davis, and his new partner Tuko. WOIO 19 Cleveland even sent a reporter to Houston, Texas to keep everyone up to date on Officer Davis’ search for his new partner.

The trip ended Tuesday when Officer Davis returned to Ohio with a new partner- K9 Tuko. Tuko now begins a 15-week officer training course. WOIO has the full story HERE

Fox 26 Houston: Officer Davis has 3 Finalists for New Partner

Ohio Police Officer Ryan Davis lost his K9 partner Jethro in the line of duty. He is shown with his new partner, Tuko granted by K9s4COPs. Photo courtesy of Fox 26 Houston
Ohio Police Officer Ryan Davis lost his K9 partner Jethro in the line of duty. He is shown with a finalist for his new partner. After making his final decision, Officer Davis will be granted the K9 by K9s4COPs. Photo courtesy of Fox 26 Houston

Officer Ryan Davis has narrowed down the search for his new partner to three K9s.  Fox 26 Houston has the full story HERE.

Davis told reporters that this experience, “one of the most emotional decisions” he’s ever had to make.