Meet K9 Apo!!

County Council recognizes members of

Sheriff’s K-9 Unit, Guru and Apo

K-9 Apo

The safety and security of Delaware County government and Court operations have the added security of two canine deputies. These K-9 officers and their handlers assist in many law enforcement duties from searching for and detecting explosives, keeping order in the courtrooms, and subduing criminals. Many in law enforcement will attest to the effectiveness of dogs in public safety situations.

They also have a role in educating young people about law enforcement and are popular visitors at student programs. We just had one of our K-9s visit with 85 students from Media Elementary School last week.

The K-9 unit was started in 2000 when our President Judge, Chad Kenney, was the sheriff.

At the Feb. 25 County Council meeting, County Council recognized two of the Sheriff’s Department’s K-9 officers, Guru, who is retiring, and the newest member, Apo.

“We are proud to say that Apo is a veteran of Iraq and he has been retrained to serve us here in Delaware County,” said County Councilman John McBlain.

“All of the K-9 unit members and their handlers are highly trained. The dogs also live with their handlers. We are also fortunate to have partners in the community who support our K-9 officers through assistance with veterinary bills and bullet proof vests,” McBlain said.

The K-9 unit comes under the Delaware County Sheriff, Mary McFall Hopper.

She attended the Council meeting with Deputy Sheriff Robert Denney, partner of retired K-9 Guru, and Sgt. Robert Adams and his new partner, K-9 Apo. Our other K-9 officer is K-9 Charlie and his partner, Ervin Smith.

Council also recognized community organizations that support the K-9 unit.

Marge Remolde and the Delaware County Kennel Club provide the K-9 officers with bullet proof vests and goodie bags filled with canine treats and care items.

Anne Thompson, owner of the Barker Lounge, a doggy daycare and boarding facility in Folsom, Ridley Township, has raised $800 toward the veterinary bills for Apo.

Kathryn McCarry, who works at Fitness Four Paws at Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital in Ridley, supports K-9 officers throughout the region by hosting the annual “K-9 Veterans Day” observance to honor service dogs from all organizations.

This year’s “K-9 Veterans Day” event is set for 1-4 p.m. March 14 at Stoney Creek Hospital. At the event, they will honor local K-9 heroes, memorialize fallen K-9 veterans, present K-9 demonstrations, and offer pampering for the dogs including canine massages.