2014 AHA Hero Dog Awards :: Vote K9 Boomer


Boomer is a five year old German shepherd and has been serving the citizens of Harris County since April 2011. Boomer has been utilized numerous times resulting in the arrest of numerous suspects and the seizure of large amounts of narcotics and U.S. currency. Due to Boomer’s large amount of narcotics seizures he has not only increased the quality of life for the citizens of Harris County and the Houston Area, but made the streets safer all across the United States. Below are a couple of Boomers deployments.

On January 05, 2012 Narcotic units requested a canine to a traffic stop which involved a vehicle pulling a 40 foot hay trailer. The information relayed was that the trailer had a hidden compartment but narcotic officers could not locate it. Boomer was deployed and alerted to the bottom of the trailer by a metal plate. The plate was removed and the compartment was found revealing 1729 pounds of marijuana, 10.4 kilos of cocaine, and .50 kilo of Methamphetamine. This is the case shown in the picture above.

On November 5, 2011 a patrol unit located a vehicle that was taken in a Car-Jacking at gun point. There was a short vehicle chase and the driver of the vehicle fled on foot. Boomer gave chase through an open field and was able to take the suspect to the ground. Boomer’s heroic actions resulted in the arrest of the dangerous suspect safely, and prevented any other citizens from being harmed.

Entry Category: Law Enforcement Dogs
Charity Partner: K9s4COPs
Location: Houston, Texas


You can vote for K9 Officer Boomer at http://www.herodogawards.org/vote/?nominee=92113991