Wife of deployed Marine desperate to find husband’s stolen dog

Wife of deployed Marine desperate to find husband’s stolen dog


A deployed Marine’s dog is missing in Phenix City and his wife is now looking for him.

The 7-month-old German shepherd has been gone for exactly one week. Millions of pets are being stolen nationwide, and our area is no exception.

The Phenix City resident we spoke to Monday said she’s noticed more than thirty ads on lost and stolen dogs, especially German shepherds. Brittanie McCracken says she still remembers the terrible fear she felt when she saw her stolen dog’s collar on her front yard.

“I was devastated….I…I was so upset and you know it’s been a really emotional tough week and my husband’s really upset that his baby is gone you know?” said Brittanie. “…Cammie’s collar was laying in the yard and it kind of shocked me because her collar was on her pretty tight, you could put your two fingers in there and that was it…. somebody would’ve had to forcefully pulled it off of her. Why they wouldn’t want her AKC information and her shot information that is on her tags is beyond me.”

Brittanie says she doesn’t understand why the thief left behind Cammie’s valuable information like her AKC materials, but Brittanie says her effort to find Cammie won’t stop until she’s back home.

We did reach out to the police and Animal Control, but we haven’t heard back from them. Brittanie says people from all places are reaching out to her to help her. Cammie’s Facebook ad has already reached more than 3,000 shares.

If you find any information on Cammie’s whereabouts, please give Brittanie McCracken a call at 727-359-2974.